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Today’s Solar Window Film – Advanced Results 

Technological advances in recent years have improved both the appearance and performance of Solar and Low E Window Films. They are now even better at:

  • Keeping unwanted heat out in Summer (on both clear single pane – and double-glazed windows)
  • Keeping heat in during winter (on clear single pane windows)
  • Reducing UV damage to people, floorboards and soft furnishings
  • Reducing glare on TV’s and Computer Screens

Highly specialised production techniques give Solar and Low E films their energy efficiency abilities.

In addition, Environmental Window Films provide some protection from shattered glass and gives you the option of daytime privacy.

Window film is the most cost-effective option to achieving all these things and at the same time allows you to enjoy an unobstructed view.

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How The Window Film Looks

We are long past the days of heat-absorbing dyes that cause the window film to fade and bubble, thank goodness.

  • Color options include clear, light and dark greys and blacks, silvers, bronzes and golds
  • Reflective and non reflective options are available

Where The Tint Is Applied

Most window films are applied internally to increase their lifetime. However, some windows may benefit from the application of an external window film e.g.

  • If the window already has a Low E coating on the inside
  • To avoid thermal breakage in more robust windows
  • When there are problems accessing the windows from inside the building

LowE window film heat-reflection

Low E Window Film – What Is It?

Low E technology has been around for about 20 years originating in the cold climates of North America.
Low E is short for Low Emissivity (reduced emission).

How does it work?

With untreated, plain glass windows, warmth is lost during winter because objects within a room are warmer than the temperature outside. These objects will radiate heat towards the cooler outdoors, and that heat will escape through the glass.

The application of a Low E Film helps prevent heat transmission through the glass and instead reflects much of the heat back into the room.

Low E Films improve a buildings energy efficiency in all climates and across all seasons.

  • Reduce energy consumption 
  • Keeps rooms cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter
  • Visible light transmission can be as high as 70% so you get the light without the heat
  • Low E films are so specific in targeting of infrared rays they do not impede indoor plant growth!

When applied to clear single glazing, the annual thermal insulating performance of Low E film approaches that of clear double-glazed windows.

Don’t take my word for it – have a look at these impressive case studies in these 2 videos:
The benefits of Low E window tint in Summer – feel the difference!

The benefits of Low E window tint in Winter – keep the warmth in! 



Window film can positively contribute to your home’s energy rating and in doing so increase its value. In the past, that’s been hard to quantify. Now with the WERS For Film rating and accreditation system you can ensure you get the most ‘bang for your buck’ when it comes to saving energy and adding value to your home with film. Here’s how…

There are three parts of the WERS For Film program designed to help you get the most from your window film.

  1. Applied window film products are rated and labeled by an independent laboratory for their annual energy impact on a whole house, in any climate of Australia. These ratings allow you to accurately and confidently compare the energy implications of different window film products and choose the best product to suit your needs.
  2. Solar Window Filmers installers are WERS accredited installers who have been specifically trained in energy efficiency.
  3. Hiring a WERS For Film accredited installer to apply a WERS For Film rated film entitles you to an energy certificate, which can be used by an energy assessor to help you get the highest energy rating possible.
Adding value to your property

With real estate trends placing a greater emphasis on quantified energy-saving measures within a home, having a WERS For Film certificate demonstrating your film’s impact on heating and cooling can add value to your property when it’s time to sell.

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Window Energy Rating Certificate

Solar Window Filmers’ team are WERS accredited installers who have been specifically trained in energy efficiency!

We are the trusted window film supplier to The Australian Energy Foundation

We are Member of the WFAANZ and WERS for film accredited installer

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