Window Tinting – Special Uses

Environmental Window Film For Schools

Most schools have a wish list of improvements and upgrades requiring funding from their limited facilities budget. Principals, business managers and facility managers are looking for a return on their investment and value for money with every spend.

Window film can help on both fronts. Summer time electricity capacity charges can be significantly reduced (less reliance on air-conditioning on hot days) and windows don’t need replacing to achieve this,

Victorian Government schools have negotiated a competitive rate for electricity usage charges. The Capacity charges are what can blow out and the school is bridled with them for an 18-month period post the time of peak usage.

Window film’s primary purpose is solar energy (heat) rejection, rejecting as much as 81% – equal to the highest performing glass. This can mean a 30% saving in cooling air conditioning usage – reducing both Capacity and Usage Charges.

Environmental Window Film is the best value way to

  • eliminate hotspots in a classroom/ school building
  • reduce glare to accommodate students and staff working on their screens
  • cut down UV damage to students and soft furnishings
  • achieve daytime privacy (optional)

All the while maintaining window views.

Some environmental films can retain heat in winter as well as repel heat in summer so act as an all year-round energy efficiency window treatment.

Most films are installed on the inside of windows and inconvenience to teachers and students can be kept to a minimum.

For Early Learning and Childcare Centres

The indoors and outdoors both provide great learning experiences for our children. Often windows join these spaces to allow for teacher and carer supervision from both sides.

Unlike schools, childcare centres look after children all through the hot summer months. Solar window tinting is the perfect retrofit option for:

  • Blocking unwanted summer time heat
  • Reducing glare to accommodate nap times with younger children.
  • Providing privacy to stop prying eyes looking in during the day and
  • Protection from UV damage to children, staff and soft furnishings.

Window Tint For Aged Care Facilities

As we become less mobile with age the need for indoor spaces with unobscured views becomes more important.

Gardens and grounds are the best places to be and looking onto them from a comfy inside chair is the second best.

How do you combat the heat and glare from the sun through windows in summer? And what about the drafts and cold when sitting close to windows in winter? Environmental window film can help in both instances.

Environmental window film can be fitted to your existing glass for a fraction of the replacement costs.


Applied to new basic clear single pane or double pane windows to improve their thermal performance.


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