What We Do

We love it that window film is hands-down the most cost-effective option to:

  • keep heat in or out,
  • improve privacy,
  • protect flooring and furnishings from fading
  • reduce glare on TVs and computer screens
  • improve protection from shattering glass

and achieve all these things without sacrificing your view.

  1. We consult and advise
    After gaining a complete understanding of your needs and assessing the type of glass in your windows we advise on the best Solar and Low E window film options and how they perform compared to other retrofit energy efficiency solutions
  2. We professionally install
    Our installers have a minimum of 10 years installation experience and we guarantee the quality of their work
  3. We provide comparative data that allows you to make an informed choice regarding energy efficient solutions for your building. 

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We service the Melbourne Metropolitan Area and are based in Melbourne’s inner west (Newport). We have a “No Quibbles Replacement Policy”. When it comes to installation standards, we strictly follow WFAANZ industry best practice. Our films come with generous quality and integrity guarantees.

When you talk to Solar Window Filmers you’ll receive:

Obligation free quotes to:

  • Gain a complete understanding of your needs
  • Assess and measure your glass/ windows requiring film
  • Show you the films that meet your needs and outline their costs
  • Leave you with film samples to consider your options

Within 24 hours – email a written quote that’s valid for 30 days

Supply and professional installation of high quality environmental window film

  • Mostly to the inside of the windows
  • At a mutually convenient time
  • Using drop sheets to protect flooring and furniture below
  • With a 3-month guarantee on the quality of the installation and
  • Minimum of 7 year warranty on externally applied films and up to a lifetime for internally applied films.

Our Unique Performance Grading System

window film grades

Solar Window Filmers has  created a unique and easy to understand grading system that compares the solar (heat from the sun) and the thermal (insulating) benefits. This means that you can make your film choices based on a sound knowledge of how different films perform. You’ll be able to make the right choice for your needs without needing to understand the “science”. (If you would like to understand a bit more about the science visit our Window film page and read about “Low E”).

Here’s some information about our exclusive grading system.

Our A+ Grade Films are best suited for commercial buildings or buildings with lots of windows that let in large amounts of light. These films are either highly reflective or dark and are the top performers for keeping heat from direct sunlight out.

Grade A Films reject heat by a combination of reflection and absorption. They come in a variety of shades and are excellent solar heat rejectors.

Grade B Films are very good heat rejectors and do this mostly via absorption and reradiating the heat outwards. They come in a range of shades including clear. The best all year-round film sits in this category rejecting 50% of heat in summer and retaining 50% more heat in winter.

Grade C Films reject some heat and are mostly clear. These can still drop the indoor temperature by about 4 degrees Celsius in summer so are certainly better than no film at all.

Why We Do It

For our clients to Save Money AND to Help Save The Planet

The cost of window film is great value compared to double glazing, tinted and reflective glass and shades. It can be applied to new windows or retrofit to existing ones, both residentially and commercially.

It has a proven track record in blocking heat (up to 80%) from solar energy keeping buildings cooler in summer (lowering the need for air-conditioning). Low E films can help retain as much as half the heat inside the room in winter (lowering the strain on winter heating).

So why do we do what we do at Solar Window Filmers?

To Save the Planet – One Window at a Time

We are the trusted window film supplier to The Australian Energy Foundation

We are a Member of the WFAANZ and WERS for film accredited installers

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