Office window tinting – Reduce your energy costs by adding window film to your office glass.

Does this sound like your office? 

Our windows let in too much…

  • Sun glare – it’s hard to see our computer screens.
  • Summer heat – our office is uncomfortable to work in.
  • Winter cold – our heating bills are enormous.
  • UV radiation – our skin is exposed and it’s fading our soft furnishings.

Best Glass and Indoor Window Treatments to Keep Summer Heat Out

The table below from Sustainability Victoria, shows the best glass upgrades and internal window coverings for keeping solar heat out of your office (and home). If your windows are not made of reflective glass, you can simply upgrade your existing glass by window tinting with Solar Control Film.

This table from Sustainability Victoria shows the best glass upgrades and internal window coverings for keeping solar heat out of your office (and home). If your windows are not made of reflective glass, you can simply upgrade your existing glass by window tinting with Solar Control Film.


The benefits of office window tinting in Melbourne with solar control film are:

  1. Reduced utility costs with HVAC systems running more efficiently.
  2. Elimination of hots spots for a more comfortable workspace.
  3. Reduced glare from unfiltered sunlight on computer screens.
  4. 99% of UV radiation is blocked for greater skin protection and a reduction in fading of soft furnishings.
  5. Less maintenance costs for indoor window coverings ie broken blinds and chords.
  6. Views and outlooks maintained for all to enjoy.

But don’t take our word for it – here’s how office tinting works in real work environments.

Selecting the Right Window Film for your Office Windows in Melbourne

Whether your workplace is large or small how can you be sure your installer is selecting the right film for your office windows?

A quality window tinting company will assess 3 things:

  1. The type of glass in your windows
  2. The direction your windows are facing i.e., north, south, east or west.
  3. Your existing window coverings and external shading – if you have any.

Professional commercial window tinters can assess your glass type and thickness using laser tools. Depending on your glass type – heat toughened, laminated, double glazed, tinted, Low E coated the most compatible film to meet your specific needs can be recommended. This is the quality service Solar Window Filmers provides.

Most internally installed solar films come with a 10 – 15-year commercial warranty. Externally applied window films are an option in Melbourne when office windows are hard to access from the inside or the glass is not compatible with internally applied films. Externally applied films are designed to withstand Melbourne’s weather and come with a 5 – 7year quality warranty.

How Much Does it Cost for Professional Tinting on my Office Windows?

The main 2 factors considered when providing a window tinting quote in office buildings are:

1.The type of film you’re after – solar heat rejecting film (average price $60m2) or premium year round insulating film (average price $ 160m2).

2.The degree of difficulty of the install – access issues, size of windows, cleaning required, type of glass and type of frames (average price $25m2)


Is Commercial Tinting the Same as Residential Tinting?

The same range of films are available for office window tinting as home window tinting however darker more reflective films are more commonly used in an office – as these are the higher performing solar control films.

For home window tinting the internal light and external aesthetics are of greater importance and so we offer a range of films with lower degrees of external reflectivity and lighter tints for residential applications.

For both applications, Solar Window Filmers offer the most comprehensive professional tinting service.

Who’s the Best Commercial Window Tinting Company Near Me?

Solar Window Filmers!

We are Melbourne’s only Environmental film specialists. This means heat rejecting and insulating window films are our primary focus and specialty. We are not linked to any 1 film manufacturer. We are constantly researching the best performing films on the market with the best warranties. Our installers are experienced and skilled at installing premium Low E – year-round insulating films as well as all Solar Control Films. 

As environmental film specialists we understand building energy efficiency principles and can advise on the comparative benefits of different window coverings (internal and external) on different window orientations. We also believe your customer experience is serious business and take the time to understand your needs when recommending which product or solution to use.

Solar Window Filmers are the trusted supplier to The Australian Energy Foundation and are licensed WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme) for film providers. We service the Melbourne Metropolitan area.

Large commercial building? Take a look at this loan scheme

If your commercial building is large and you are thinking about investing in several energy efficient upgrades the Sustainable Australia fund can help. This organisation can finance your building upgrade with no impact on cashflow. In fact, window tinting with solar control film is one of The Sustainable Energy Fund’s pre-approved energy-efficient upgrades.

This is a loan scheme with repayments made through quarterly rates. So, if you are not the building owner, you’ll need to get the landlord involved. This scheme is supported by several Melbourne councils. See the link below for more information.

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The Australian Energy Foundation

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