Energy Efficient Windows

Window film is an inexpensive and immediate solution for a building’s energy efficiency – here’s why:

Glazing can account for 87% of building envelope heat gain (Building envelope being walls, windows, doors, floors, roof) and 49% of building envelope heat loss (Australian Window Association). People can spend thousands $ on new, high performing windows (e.g. double glazing) without realising they can apply a Low E window film to their existing windows at a fraction of the cost, for comparable results.

Solar Window Film can reject as much as 80% solar energy – equal to the highest performing glass (Window Film Association Australia and New Zealand WFAANZ). These results are amazing. Yet even better, Low E Window Film can improve the winter insulating performance of a clear, single window pane by up to 92% equivalent to a base level double glazed unit (support data available from WFAANZ).


Could these results be obtained for your home or business property?

If you are building or renovating, don’t miss these quick 5-minute videos that cover all you need to know about passive cooling and heating for optimal comfort and the lowest possible heating and cooling bills.

Building an Energy Efficient Home – Part 1

Great tips on how to take advantage of the sun including building orientation, placement of rooms, placement of windows and use of external eaves, awnings and vegetation.

Building an Energy Efficient Home – Part 2

How to seal your building envelope, to keep temperatures more constant. It covers thermal mass, insulation, glazing, draught proofing and ventilation.

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