What We Do

Solar Window Filmers love glass windows and the light, outlooks and the ventilation they allow. We understand that building owners have many WINDOW and RETROFIT OPTIONS for energy efficiency to chose from:

  • To effectively keep heat in or out
  • To increase privacy
  • To reduce glare on TVs and computer screens
  • To stop floorings and furnishings from fading and
  • To improve protection from shattering glass

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About Window Film

Technological advances in recent years have improved both the appearance and performance of Solar and Low E Window Films.

In summer they minimize unwanted heat gain (and glare) through West, North and East facing windows (including double glazed windows). In winter they minimize unwanted heat loss from all windows that are not double glazed and do not have a low e-coating on them.

Window films are manufactured in many different shades, colours and constructions covering everything from very dark to nearly invisible. This gives each film unique performance characteristics effecting how suitable they are to the different glass types in windows today.

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For Building
Owners/ Occupiers

  • What you can expect in a Quote Appointment
  • What happens if you decide to go ahead
  • Funds Advance for Big building owners/ occupiers
  • Integrity and Quality Film Warranties
  • Drying Time and Cleaning Recommendations

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